Connector Construction Stripes

Connector Construction Stripes

Connector Construction Stripes



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Print:  Connector Construction Stripes

Fabric ref: 21475 72

Collection: Connector Playmats

Designer: Northcott House Designer

Manufacturer: Northcott

Fabric/Material: 44/45" Wide 100% Cotton Quilting/Apparel Weight Fabric

Connector Playmats


Connector PlaymatsBy Deborah Edwards Northcott Studio

Connector Construction Stripes


Connector Playmats is both an innovative and fun collection. There are four playmat themes including Around the Town, At the Airport, At the Train Station and At the Harbor. The playmats can be used alone or in combination. (Note: At the Harbor connects on three sides only because of the water) Three connected playmats with one of the border stripes is the perfect size for a twin bed. Two connected playmats with a border stripe creates an ideal lap quilt or play quilt. The possibilities are endless!

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