Leopard Print Kiwi

Metro Living Animal Prints Kiwi Leopard Print EIP-11176-33

Leopard Print Kiwi



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Print:  Leopard Print Kiwi

Fabric ref: EIP-11176-33

Collection: Metro Living Animal Prints

Designer: Robert Kaufman House Designer

Manufacturer: Robert Kaufman

Fabric/Material: 44/45" Wide 100% Cotton Quilting/Apparel Weight Fabric

Metro Living Animal Prints


Upscale animal prints in lots of fun colors. Leopard and Zebra in Pink, Black and White and Chocolate.

Leopard Print Kiwi

Robert Kaufman

Kiwi Leopard print from the Metro Living Collection for Robert Kaufman Fabrics EIP-11176-33

100% Cotton Pink and White

44/45" wide - premium quilting / apparel weight cotton