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MASK TUTORIAL: Embroidery Version

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Instructions for In-The-Hoop Face Mask 

Supplies needed:

  •        14” x 9” fabric (quilting weight cotton)
  •        9” x 7” piece of flannel or cotton
  •        Tear away stabilizer
  •        Tape (I prefer Kimberbell tape, but painters tape or scotch tape will work)
  •        (4) 22” Pre-sewn Cotton Straps (Twill tape or grosgrain ribbon will work as well)


1)    Take 14”x 9” fabric piece and pleat about every 1/2” until it is about 5.5” x 9” long. I just eyeballed this and did not bother sewing it, but you can if you are really precise.  I found that is will not make much difference if the pleats are not all uniform in size.

2)    Tape folds in place

3)    Hoop tear away stabilizer

4)    Stitch first step (placement stitch)

5)    Cover placement stitch with accordion (pleated) fabric FACE UP with folds pointing to the right

6)    Tape fabric down over the stitch lines.  Be sure to cover where the foot will travel, so that the foot does not catch on the fabric. Tape a lot. You won’t regret it.

7)    Stitch next step (tack down stitch)

8)    Remove tape

9)    Stitch next step. This will show you where you need to place the strap ends

10)  Place the end of each strap to cover all four small lines and tape down. If your straps have a right/wrong side, place the straps face down.

The length of straps will be laying over mask and will be covered by the next fabric.

The length of the straps will also need to be taped down in the center of the hoop so that the they do not get caught by the final tack down stitch.

11) Stitch next step. This is the tack down stitch for the straps. Watch carefully so that your embroidery foot does not get caught in the pile of straps.

12) Remove tape around base of straps

13) Place flannel FACE DOWN over the pile of straps making sure straps are out of the way of the next outline stitch. Use more tape!

14) Stitch next and final step.

15) Remove from hoop

16) Peel away tear away stabilizer. Some will be left in the seams. It’s ok!

17) Cut close to the seam and clip corners.

18) Turn inside out and remove tape.

19) Sew up bottom of mask however you like. I have sewn only one side and left mine open to insert a filter material later.

Click HERE to purchase a free copy of the file(s) for your embroidery machine.  Note - each file has a "Large" and a "Small" version.  The small is for 5x7 Hoop and the large is for the 6x10 or larger hoop size

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