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• 4 or 8 thread serger
• ¾” belt loop binder for 8 thread serger (optional)
• Stripology ruler (optional)
• Rotary Cutter
• 3/4 yard of quilting weight cotton – ¼ yard for 9 x 6” squares, ½ yard for straps
• 1/4 yard of flannel for 9” x 6” squares (this amount of fabric will make a total of 6 masks)

Fabric cutting Instructions:
1. Cut 6 squares of cotton 9” x 6”
2. Cut 6 squares of flannel 9” x 6”

Diagram of How you will cut your fabric: (imagine this is a quarter yard of fabric)

For the Straps:
From the remaining quilting cotton cut 12 strips – 1” wide x 33 – 40” long
Straps should be at least 33inches long, but preferably 40” long

Making the straps/ties:
4 thread serger: fold over lengthwise and serge the raw edge using 4T overlock.
8 thread serger: attach the ¾” belt loop binder and using a wide cover stitch create the ties
- See Gail Yellen’s Serger Tip Clips for instructions on the belt loop binder

Making the mask:
1. Layer one square of cotton and one square of flannel WRONG sides together.
2. Make two pleats in the middle of the mask (running long ways). Hold with Wonder Clips. The short sides of the mask should now measure 3 ¼”
3. Using a 4 thread overlock stitch, serger the long sides of the mask, then the short sides.
4. Attach ties to the sides of the mask using a running zig zag (or regular zig zag) stitch
5. Tie a knot at the end of each tie to prevent raveling.

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