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Leather Lace Pink Floral Needlepoint Tranquil Large Floral

Stitch Pink 2022 takes on a different story this year, a personal one. Designed by Cathe Holden, this year’s featured collection, Leather & Lace and Amazing Grace.

"Tough as leather, delicate as lace, but always blessed by Grace"

Designed by Cathe Holden for Moda

This collection was designed as a beautiful collection, but also to honor those going through treatment for Breast Cancer. Cathe chose imagery that was not only visually arresting, but also held personal meaning. "I thought about feeling brave and tough and delicate and fragile all at the same time, and that's where the leather came in," she says. "I also wanted to emphasize my faith in dealing with something beyond my control--in letting go and letting God--Amazing Grace speaks to that."

The resulting imagery includes a pink leather belt and buckle incised with roses (the leather for toughness and the buckle signifying “Buckle up! You’ve got cancer”); a worn hankie (for the tears); a millinery label (for hats that cover hair loss); a locker key pin (for the many times she had to undress and store her clothing for tests and treatment); a postage stamp quilt (for comfort); and sheet music of Amazing Grace (for the blessings found on her journey). When creating these fabric collages Cathe enjoys contrasting the masculine and feminine, the hard and soft, and artfully placed an industrial pin next to pretty little birds, and a label’s sturdy typography next to curvilinear roses.

Working on this collection (and others) during her treatment and ongoing recovery provided Cathe with a much-needed escape from the world of chemo and radiation. “Being able to do that made me feel grounded and more like myself,” she says. “It was everything.”

Her project pack includes patterns for breast cancer patients:
Leather & Lace and Amazing Grace Project Pack
4 small projects benefiting those going through treatment for breast cancer:
-Heart Post-Surgery Pillow - Ideal to support and separate arm from chest; Optional pocket and shoulder strap
-Seatbelt Pad - A must for post-surgery and chemo port protection from a car’s seatbelt
-Folio - Convenient storage for patient appointment paperwork, fits a standard file folder, or keepsake storage for loving cards and notes
-Snuggle Patchwork Throw - An easy, extra-soft throw using the cheater patchwork print, backed in Moda’s cozy Snuggles. 58" x 68"

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