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Cut Away Soft Stabilizer 2.0 oz, Baby Lock (15" x 10 Yds)

Cut-Away Soft Stabilizer 2.0 oz, Baby Lock BLC201-15 (15" x 10 Yds)

Cut-away stabilizers are permanent in that they do not tear or wash out. They remain behind the stitching giving the embellished area continuous support during use and laundering.

  • Cut-Away Soft Stabilizer 2.0 oz, 15-inch wide is perfect for the new larger hoops. Perfect for use on most wovens, knits, and any unstable fabrics. It has an excellent base for light to heavy stitch count designs. It can be used on light colored fabrics. It has stability with softness for nearly all projects requiring cut-away support. It is sturdy enough for hard-to-hoop projects. It is so dense that only one layer is needed for the best performance.
  • Fabrics that need extra stability such as knits and woven fabrics
  • Great for hard to hoop projects, crafts, fashion accessories, and embroidering patches on light fabric
  • Stable and supportive, yet soft
  • Dense enough for single layer application

Depending on the density of your fabric and embroidery design, you may need to use more than one layer of stabilizer. Do a test with the fabric and design combination you are working with to determine the amount of stabilizer required.

Suitable for use in Home Décor projects and medium to heavy knits/woven fabrics. Works with all stitch counts.

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