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Solaris Upgrade Kit 2 and Hoop Offer

Now Offering Curbside Pickup. Please allow at least 1 business day for orders to be processed. If you choose this option, you will receive an email stating that your order is ready for pickup (be sure to check your spam folder).

Purchase a Solaris Upgrade II and a Baby Lock Magnetic Frame and receive an Exclusive Embroidery Design Collection by Baby Lock Education Partner Zandra Shaw at no charge.

BONUS Package includes:

1) Upgrade Kit 2
2) NEW Baby Lock Magnetic Hoop
3) Bonus Exclusive Design Collection by Embroidery Shoppe's Zandra Shaw ($ 500 Value) 
Click HERE to see the Zandra Shaw Collection mentioned in #3 above

Offer good while supplies last. OFFER ends 9/30/20

Please note: Price for the upgrade is given in-store only once prices are released. 

We are expecting 
availability of Upgrade Kit 2 to be very soon. 

Features of the new Upgrade: 

  • 1) Specifying an End Point for Sewing Patterns

    2) NEW Quilt Sashing

    (Original Solaris has 10 patterns, single-color rectangular and is limited to 500mm W x 760mm H (19.7” x 29.9”)).

    • 3 Categories, 15 New Patterns, Single or Triple Stitch
    • Single-Color Rectangular (up to 3m x 3m or 118” x 118”)
    • Two-Color Rectangular (up to 3m x 3m or 118” x 118”) (New)
    Single-Color Hexagonal (up to 2.8m diagonal or 110” x 110”) (New)

    3) NEW 
    Change Stitching Order of Combined Patterns 
    50 Embroidery Patterns
    5) Easy Stippling, Echo-Quilting and Decorative Fill around Patterns (Original Solaris has just stippling and echo-quilting.)

    6) Extracting Inner Outlines for Adding Stippling or Decorative Fill in and around Patterns in IQ Designer (Original Solaris recognizes outer outline only.)
    7) 400% Magnification on Pattern Selection and Editing Screens (Original Solaris is limited to 200%.)
    8) Density Adjustment for Scanned Images (Original Solaris allows only on or off. Now, density has three levels plus off.)
    9) Two Smaller Sizes for Embroidery Buttonholes (Original Solaris has three sizes onlylarge, medium, and small.)
    10) 400% Magnification on Stitch Settings Screen (Original Solaris is limited to 200%. Allows better visibility for assigning stitch settings.)
    11) 6 New Decorative Fills (Original Solaris has 30 fills. Each Upgrade Kit adds 6 fills, for a maximum of 42 fills with both kits.)
    12) More Random Shift Variations (Original Solaris has 3 random variations. With Kit II, the machine will have 3 styles with 6 levels per style18 total.)
    13) IQ Intuition Positioning App for Sending Images from Smart Device to IQ Designer


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