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Credit goes to Dr. Laura Vick - a local surgeon and a customer of Cotton Blossom Fabric Shoppe!!


Pattern is shared with permission of Dr. Laura Vick:

Click HERE for a printer friendly pattern

Surgeon's Cap:
Sewing Machine

Fabric Supplies Needed:
1/4 yard of 42-44" 100% cotton fabric pattern

1.  Print off pattern HERE.  Tape together pattern at arrows for side of cap.
2.  Fold fabric in half so that you have a 9" x 22" piece of fabric.
3.  Place pattern for side of cap at the fold.  Cut through both layers of fabric.
4.  Trace out and cut top of cap (tear drop shape)
5.  Cut (1) 40" x 2" cotton strip length of the fabric.  Fold in 1/2 and press wrong sides together.  Open up.  Fold both edges into the middle, press to meet together.  Then fold these together in half, and press - creating 1/2" tie.  May use a bias tape or bias tape marker.
6.  Open up the long side of cap piece, placing right side down.  Fold short edges in on themselves.  1/8" x 2.  Sew in place.
7.  Find center of cap piece of fabric.  Place bottom edge of cap fabric into the opening for the tie, lining up the center of each piece.
8.  Sew entire length of tie with the bottom edge of cap in place.
9.  Pin the cap top to the top of the side piece, right sides together.  Pin all the way around.  Sew in place with zigzag stitch.  Using a tight zigzag close to the edge.  May use a serger or an overcast stitch.
10.  Turn cap inside out.  Sew down the short ends of the side piece starting at the top of the cap 1".  Reinforce this area.

Surgeon's Cap Complete!

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