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Credit goes to Dr. Laura Vick - a local surgeon and a customer of Cotton Blossom Fabric Shoppe!!

Pattern shared with permission of Dr. Laura Vick - a local surgeon and customer of Cotton Blossom Fabric Shoppe!!

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Surgical Mask
Sewing Machine

Fabric Supplies Needed:
9" x 6" 100% Cotton Fabric
9" x 6" flannel
36" x 1" cotton strips x 2 (serger) or
36" x 2" cotton strips x 2 (fold/sew)
         *1/4" ribbon

1.  Cut 9" x 6" piece of fabric from cotton and flannel.  Place right sides together.
2.  Sew right sides together using 1/4" seams.  Start on the bottom and sew around the edges leaving a 2" opening at the bottom.
3.  Turn fabric right sides out.  Press flat.
4.  Pin tuck 2 pleats into each of the 6" sides for a finished length of 3 1/4".
5.  Sew the pleats down.
6.  If you have a serger, cut (2) 36" x 1" lengths of the cotton fabric.  Place wrong sides together and serge the edges.
     *  If sewing the ties, cut (2) 36" x 2" lengths of cotton fabric.  Fold in 1/2 and press wrong sides together.  Open up.  Fold both edges in to the middle, press to meet together, and press.  Fold these together in half, and press, creating 1/2" tie.  May use a bias tape or a bias tape maker.
     *  May also use a 1/4 " ribbon for female masks
7.  Center tie on side of short sides of mask.  Zig Zag stitch tie from top to bottom.

Mask Complete!

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